One Week Later: Yiddish Nachas 2 by Yossi Green

February 28, 2016 5 min read

The first Yiddish Nachas album was released just about a year and a bit ago and already we have Volume 2! Yossi Green either composes these amazing songs really fast or he’s been saving them up for this album. I honestly have no idea how Yossi Green does it; he’s been in the business so long and he’s still at the top of the game. But let’s pause the praise to get a bit of background information straight.


If you remember last year’s review of the original Yiddish Nachas entitled Matonoh Toivah (which you can read here if you don’t , I didnt write much about the actual production team and people behind the amazing album they had produced. However, I still immensely enjoyed the cd and was waiting (impatiently as those who follow me on twitter know @JMROneWeekLater) for the next edition. Plus this time we know all the details,so buckle up, here we go.


Yiddish Nachas’ songs are all composed by the immensely talented Yossi Green, who also lends his voice to the album in most songs. The choir is composed of Chassidishe kinder from Kiryas Yoel, NY and is lead by Moshy Kraus, who also produced the album. Finally, the music was arranged by Naftali Schnitzler. This is the trio that Yossi Green calls the Fabulous Heimish Chassidish Trio. They created the first edition of Yiddish Nachas with the incredibly popular hit song Hiskabtzi, and other great songs such as Matonoh Toivah, Ribono Shel Oilam, Hatoiv, and Ki Lecho Toiv. If you don’t have that album, you missed a great album, but can make up for it by getting both and loving them!


So now on to our album, Volume 2- Sivavon……


SIVAVON- The words come from a Gemarah in Menachos and this is the song that Yossi Green has really been hyping. B”H it meets the expectations. I was really expecting a fast Hiskabtzi-like song, but when I heard this song I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and sweet it is. It’s not a slow song, and I saw a video of it being played a bit faster at a wedding than it is on the cd, but I still don’t think it’s a hora. The soloists on this album are Sruly Laufer (soloed on Hiskabtzi), and Yitzchok Lunger (a newcomer to solos on YN).


MAYIM RABIM- A beautiful slow song composed by Yossi during the months after Hurricane Sandy. The low part comes from Shir Hashirim, the rest is from Yossi. Love the high part, even though I don’t usually like a high part that uses a lot of the same words. The soloist on the song is Shaya Ferencz (also a newcomer to solos, most of the soloists on the album are new to YN, not sure why). I especially like the end when Yossi ends the song with freestyle singing of Ahavas Yisroel……


ATU CHONEIN- A waltzy type of song, a cute jingle if you will. The words come from Shemoneh Esrei, the first thing we ask for from Hashem. Yossi says in the booklet that he wants to create a song about every bracha in Shemoneh Esrei, so this is part of that goal. The soloist is Yossi Weiss.  The song doesn’t feature a lot of music, pretty much just a piano and drums. I found that very cool because the sound still sounds very rich and full. Kudos to Naftali Schnitzler.


SHIRU- This song is a slow song about how the Yiddens shira is wanted by Hashem more than even malachims’ shira. The soloist is Yossi Weiss, and the choir on this song especially sound really nice. Very nice song that really touches the heart.


BUENI- A geshmake song that has me dancing every time. The lyrics come from Kiddushin 30b and talk about how the Ribono Shel Oilam created the Yeitzer Hara and the Torah to be the antidote for it. The message really hits well and this song is real Simchas Hatorah. The soloist on this song is Shaya Ferencz, who has a gorgeous voice.


HAZKIRI- A haunting slow song that is sung by 2 soloists, Avrumi Hirsch and Shimmy Webberman. I’m not sure why but the song reminds a bit of Mayim Rabim. Nonetheless, a very nice song dedicated to Shimshy Zatzai.


KI EIN- The arguably best fast song on the album, it starts with an awesome electric guitar beat that continues throughout. Also, the bass on this track is HUGE! This song has me up and dancing from the very beginning with it’s electronical beat. Called the successor to Hiskabtzi by a few people I know, I’m not sure if it’s there yet, (they’re totally different for multiple reasons) but it’s one of the best composed songs by Yossi since Hiskabtzi. The lyrics, the music, the vocals, it all fits perfect;y together in this song. I love it! Especially the Hey! towards the end. Sung by Shimmy Webberman and Shaya Ferencz.


KUROIV- A beautiful slow song that I heard a bit of before the release and was excited to hear more of. I originally thought the high part was lacking a bit, but after listening to it a few more times I decided that it’s got just enough to make it work. A gorgeous song and a top 5 from this cd. Soloist is Yitzchok Lunger.


KI BOI- A nice fast song that is simple yet effective in it’s goal. Yossi says it should bring simcha and it definitely does. I especially love the niggun that they implement throughout the song which I guess you can call the mid, but it’s not really a mid. I also love the electric guitar solo about 2 minutes in.  Soloists are Avrumi Hirsch, Yitzchok Lunger, and Shimmy Webberman.


VHOYU- Not beyond excited about this song. It’s not bad, I’m just not a fan. The lyrics come from Yeshayahu. The soloist is Shimmy Webberman.


CHULEM- Originally called Nisht Gedaadget and originally performed by Avraham Fried on the album Aderaba (which was the song they covered on Yiddish Nachas 1), this version of the song is awesome! The music is very eery yet beautiful, perfect for the song. Yossi’s harmony on the song also are top notch. The song is about a dream that Avremel had that talks about the Geulah. Gorgeous song, very well done cover and the soloists Avrumi Hirsch and Shimmy Webberman do an excellent job as well.

In conclusion, I was very excited to get this album and it didn’t disappoint. It may even be better than the original but thats up for debate. If you enjoyed the first Yiddish Nachas, then this is a must buy. If you missed the first one but regret it, you better get this one now. If you enjoy boys choirs then also you should buy this cd. If you stam like Jewish music, you MUST buy this album. Shkoyach to Yossi Green, Moshy Kraus, and Naftali Schnitzler for making this incredible cd and hopefully we will have much more Yiddish Nachas in the future!!!

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