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Shine a Little Light [official music video]

by Jewish Music Reporter March 31, 2016

“Shine a Little Light” – Written & Composed by Yitzi Hurwitz

Original vocals and guitar by Yitzi at the opening and closing of the song. Recorded on Yitzi’s cell phone in 2008.

You can help Yitzi and his family shine a little light by giving what you can at

To read Yitzi’s inspiring weekly blog please visit

Music Video & New Track – Produced & Directed by Chaim Marcus

Edited by Berry Cohen

With a big thank you to Danny Finkelman & Sparks Next

Special Thanks
Rabbi Shlomo & Brocha Friedman
Danny Shatzky
Eli Marcus
Bentzi Marcus
Chaim N. Cunin
Daniel S. Wise
Mendy Pellin

Music Mix & Master: Eli Lishinsky

Additional Guitars: Alex Bodnar

Bridge Lyrics: Yitzi Hurwitz & Bentzi Marcus

Color & SFX: Yossi Margolin

Photo Credit: Zalmy Berkowitz ——————

Artists & cast in order of appearance:

Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, or “Yitzi” in his home, Los Angeles, California, 2016
Alex Clare, London, England
Original vocals and guitar by Yitzi
Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, at his wedding, Brooklyn, New York, 1996
Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, Camp Gan Israel, Montreal, Canada 1992
Benny Friedman, Bushwick, NY
Yossi Green, Seagate, NY
MBD, Seagate, NY
8th Day, LA, California
Rabbi Baruch Chait, LA, California
Yehoram Gaon, Tel Aviv, Israel
Rivi & Eli Schwebel, Dumbo, NY
Gad Elbaz, Tel Aviv, Israel
Eli Marcus, Williamsburg, NY
Avraham Fried, Brooklyn NY
Yehuda Green, Williamsburg, NY
Boruch Sholom Blesofsky, Bushwick, NY
Maccabeats, NY, NY
IDF Pikud Haoref, Jerusalem, Israel
IDF Givati, Israel
Students from Harkham Hillel, Los Angeles, CA
Campers from CGI NY
Campers from Camp Rayim with Benny Friedman
Campers from Camp HASC with 8th Day
Isaac Bitton, Bushwick NY
Yitzi & Dina’s sons: Moshe, Eli Chaim, Mendel & Shalom Hurwitz, Hollywood CA

Original vocals and guitar by Yitzi

-Mauricio Arenas
-Steve Kamilar
-Daron Keet
-Eliana Alvarez Martinez
-Ronen Oz
-Mendy Pellin
-Josh Saltzman
-Pullman Sawyer
-Yisrael Silman
-Eli Singer
-Marco Vitale
-Dudi Yitzchaki

Recording Studios:

Danny Shatzky, Vibromonk Studio, Bushwick, NY
Robb Holt, Bell Sound, Hollywood, California
Tino Passante Avatar Studios, NYC
Nir Graff, Graffwerks Studio, Williamsburg, NY
Eli Lishinsky, Lishinsky Studio, Staten Island, NY
Udi Turgeman, Habayit Ha’adom, Tel Aviv, Israel
Yehuda Glantz, Abu Bueno Studios, Jerusalem, Israel

Thank You:
Amichai Bacharach, Yashar Lachayal, Fitche Benshimon, Naftali Berkowitz, Robb Bindler
Leon Blankrot, Yashar Lachayal, Alex Bodnar, Isser Brickman, Camp HASC, Camp Rayim, Camp Gan Israel, Parksville, Rabbi Baruch Chait, Rabbi Danny Cohen, Zalmy Dubinsky
JJ Duchman, Rabbi A. E. Friedman, Simcha Friedman, Yehuda Glantz, Tamir Goodman, Yossi Green, Mendel Grossbaum, Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy, Naftaly Marasow
Yossi Margolin, Itzik Neymark, Meir Kalmanson, Mike Kampler, Sammy’s Camera, Daron Keet, Wendy Kellner, Oshie Kluwgant, Berel Okunov, Aharon Orian, John Osiecki, Levi Plotkin
Moshe Momo Rosner, Israel Schachter, Yuval Stupel, Udi Turgeman, Shalom Vagshal, Shmuli Weber, Students at Y.O.E.C, Chapin Wilson, Boaz Yacov, Menachem Weinstein and Avram Zamist

Dedicated with love to Yitzi & Dina Hurwitz


Can’t you see
I’m trying to be
All that you
want of me

But it’s so cold now
It’s so dark here
What could I do
It’s not very clear


Shine a little light
Show us the way
Lead us to
a brighter day

Shine a little light
Show us the way
Lead us to a brighter day

If I’m a little light
You’re a little light
Together we are
So very bright

A little light here
A little light there
See the smiles
It’s so very clear



When we stand together as one,
there’s nothing that we cant do
so lets lead the way,
to a brighter day
and the whole world will join along

We can bring a brighter day
for everyone,
it’s only up to me and you
we can see it, we all believe it,
so let us shine our light right now..


Shine a little light
Show us the way
Lead us to
a brighter day

Shine a little light
Show us the way
Lead us to a brighter day

Jewish Music Reporter
Jewish Music Reporter

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