Sheva Yipo’el Tzadik V’Kom – Aki Stein Ft. Dovid Skaist

March 31, 2016 1 min read

Aki Stein - Sheva Yipo'el Tzadik V'kom Single CD Mockup


Producer Avi Fogel presents the next level talent. Composed by the very talented Aki Stein feat. Dovid Skaist

Music Arranger & Classical Pianist Shloimy Salzman, ​Music Arranger of Lech K​’​nos​ from Zevi Kaufman​,​ & ​Ein trop Vaser​ from Meilech Kohn​-was approached by Fogel and asked to bring out the image that could paint its inspiration out clearly to the world we live in. He designed the perfect sound and emotion the song needed, alongside guitarist Shloime Bernstein from Israel.

Welcome to 2016, a time of disparity of connection with our creator, a time we need Him most.
​In life so many of us fall, we feel that it’s the end. No one ever focuses on the long future ahead, they all just stay in despair by their one wrong action in the past. We all have our falls, אין צדיק בארץ אשר לא חטא, we’ve just got to turn up to the father in heaven and use the most wondrous gift he gave us, the tool of תשובה, repentance. Lets hope that this song will inspire all across the globe to learn we must step out the pit, focus on the most amazing future waiting ahead of us, and turn to our Father in heaven and cry out אנא ד’ הושיעא נא!!! ​


Produced by – A​ F​ Productions
Composed by – Aki Stein
Music & Arrangements – Shloimy Salzman
Guitarist – Shloime Bernstein
​Lead ​Vocals – Aki Stein/ Dovid Ska​ist​
Backup ​V​ocals – Shloimy Salzman​ – ​Gershy ​​Schwarcz
Engineer​ed & Mix​​ed By​ ​- Gershy ​​Schwarcz

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