A New Single From Singer & Songwriter Mendy Worch “Shema Bni”

In times of challenge, we reach for a rope, a rope that stretches beyond time and space, all the way to the very beginning. Its a rope our parents gave us, cords of faith bound tightly together, and when we touch it, the light and clarity of our parents fills our souls. The mussar avicha,the toras imecha, the echo of their words. Where does that faith come from?

Only the Torah, it’s precious words illuminating our lives, our hearts, our futures: it is good, He is good, and all is good. Vatem hadvaykim bashem elokaychem. Chayim kulchem hayom.

Composed and Sung: Mendy Worch
Drums: Barak Ben Tzur
Keyboard and Programming: Ruli Ezrachi
Guitars: Nachman Dreyer
Brass: New York Brass – Dani Flam
Cover design and lyrical video by: Yossi Zweig – Intelligent Noise LLC

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