A Sababa Special: Live! feat. Levy Falkowitz, Yidi Bialostozky & Lev Choir

A Sababa Special: Live! feat. Levy Falkowitz, Yidi Bialostozky & Lev Choir
00:18 – Oblivion

04:24 – Git Shabbos Medley

12:25 – Da

19:01 – Millionaire (with subtitles)

22:58 – Meine Tefillin

30:31 – Hamavdil

34:45 – Ima (with subtitles)

41:17 – Shira

46:18 – March Kalisch

51:45 – Closing Credits

Have you ever wondered what it was to experience a full 50+ minutes of straight Sababa? 
For the first time, we present ‘A Sababa Special: Live!’ so you can experience the same feel we do on a nightly basis.It’s almost as if you are by this very event.With amazing vocals by Levy Falkowtitz with Lev Choir, also featuring new talent with Yidi Bialostozky, you’re in for a treat!
So enjoy this musical experience and relish the ‘Sababa Special: LIVE!’ 

Song 1 – Oblivion
Song 2 – Git Shabbos Medley   Lecha Dodi – Dudi Kalisch   Shabbos Shalom – R’ Shlome Kalisch   Yom Shabosoin – Harav Yosef Tzvi Brauer   Lo Seivoishi – R’ Yossele Mandelbaum   V’Yasei Lonu – Dudi Kalisch   B’nei Heichala – Rupshitz   Tzoma Nafshi – R’ Eliezer Kalisch   Melech – Dudi Kalisch   Yom Shabosoin – Harav Yosef Tzvi Brauer
Song 3 – Da Anshie Friedman
Song 4 – Millionaire
Song 5 – Meine TefillinLipa Schneltzer
Song 6 – HamavdilMona Rosenblaum
Song 7 – Ima Yossi Green
Song 8 – ShiraR’ Cheskie Weisz
Song 9 – March Kalisch
A Sonic Duo Entertainment Production
Executive Producer – Mendy Hershkowitz

Live Production Manager – Lipa Feldman

Lighting – David Jacob Production

Live Sound – SC Events

Live Engineer – Shy Clyman

Video Capture – Motty Engel

Musical Director – Mendy Hershkowitz

Mixed and Mastered – Sonic Duo

Video Production Manager – Yumi Schlesinger 

Visual Production – Berish Hershkowitz

Video Editing – InSight Studio, On Dot Media (Meine Tefillin)

Marketing By: Motty Klein @ MusicOnTime
Music: Sababa Band

Choir: Lev Voices led by Aba Berkowitz

Stage Design: Lipa Feldman

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