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Ari Goldwag – Hafachta (feat. Hatzalah)

February 28, 2019 1 min read

Ari Goldwag is back with another fun and inspiring video featuring the song Hafachta from the album “Lo Nafsik Lirkod” (Never Stop Dancing)! This time he has teamed up with the Hatzala Beit Shemesh team. This action-packed video features many teams playing in their respective contexts. But when the game is over, there is only one team that continues playing for you.

To donate to Hatzala Beit Shemesh: http://arigoldwag.com/hatzala
CREDITS:Composed by: Ari Goldwag

Song Produced with: DL Productions (Dovid Lowy)

Music by Lukas Untersteiner and Ruby Antolin (Robot Jox)

Video by: Dovid Lavon  (Lavonafilm productions LAVONAFILM@gmail.com)

Video co-written by: Rachael Lavon

Video producer: Ms. Ann Lavon

Production assistant: Yussi Perlman (Perlman Imaging)

Technical engineer/advisor: R Levi Ustinov

Technical advisor: Eli Staiman (L.E. Productions)

Cameraman#1: Dovid Lavon

Cameraman#2: Yussi Perlman

Camerman#3: Dovid Reiter

Assistant#1: Jesse Listerine

Assistant#2: Rafi Weiss

Overseas support: Donny Sitko

Hatzala guy/dad: R Ephraim Greene

Hatzala son: Ezzy Greene

Hatzala guy’s house: The Greene family

Electric bike from: Rabbi Wolfson

Hatzala extra1: Menachem Wolf

Fans family: Yakov, Leah, Moshe, Simcha, Shira,  and Hadassah Wolf

Baseball batter: Yoni Horovicz

Baseball behind scenes pitcher: Zach Horovicz

Hatzala extra2: Avi Horovicz

Emergency light provided by: Nachum Shore

Pool: Nevat Yisroel (Thanks for the help!)

Boy: Mordechai Lavon

Chicago Hatzala friend: R Tzvi Montrose

Yanky Schleimer Unit #60

Dovid Cohen Unit #58

Moshe Braun Unit #13

Yisroel Sherer Unit #52

Matan Nitzky Unit #12

And all the Hatzala Beit Shemesh team!