Benzion Klatzko “KEL MALEH” – Echoes from our Past [Official Music Video]

The Kel Maleh Rachamim is a remembrance prayer for the soul of the departed that is recited by a cantor at a Jewish funeral. Additionally, the prayer is recited during the walk up the grave of an individual who has passed away, on days of remembrance for the deceased, and various other occasions or days during which the deceased is mourned, such as his or her death anniversary.

For the first time, this holy prayer is composed to a “musical song” rather than a Chazzan’s (cantor’s) chant, with the hope of bringing a sense of majesty and comfort to the memory of those dearly departed.The striking images in this video of our Jewish brothers and sisters from Poland, photographed in their original color, were shot within three years of the Holocaust. Notice how our ancestors are looking straight ahead at us, as if to say, “Although we are gone, make us proud and live vibrant Jewish lives!” Like a dream, their memories fade in and out, reminding us that a time will come when we will be the past and our grandchildren, our future and legacy. Let us be the best role models we can be!

Composed and Performed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko
Choir – Pinny Schachter
Music Arranged by Yisroel Ament
Song and Video Produced and Edited by Benzion Klatzko
Filmed at Kumzitz Anywhere Studios by Shlomo Mehlman
Video Violinist – Azarya Klatzko

Available on Amazon Music and Google Play also!

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