By Yossi Zweig on 2020-02-04

February 04, 2020 1 min read

Following the success of the release of his first single Nodeh Lecho, an inspirational song from the heart and his latest live talk which explains the vital hidden spiritual message contained in the word LEFONECHO, Rabbi Yaakov Singer is proud to present his second single.

This new song titled Ahto Echod was composed by Rabbi Yaakov in a moment of spiritual inspiration. This time Rabbi Singer reached out to producer Hillel Kapnick of Uptop Studios to help take this niggun to the next level of production.

Rabbi Yaakov Singer is no stranger to Jewish music. As a young boy he participated in the first Pirchei Choir album conducted by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum A”H. Growing up, he was always involved in music, inspired by the cantorial greats of yesteryear, attending their cantorial services, serving as an accomplished Baal Tefilla, singing at simchos, while also composing his own niggunim and Nusach Hatfilah compositions.

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