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Chaim Areechim – Sruly Altman

Chaim Areechim is a heart worming melody in dedication for Aharon Shaya Mandel & His father R’ Yidel Mandel upon the Bar Mitzvah to take place on Sunday Iy”h.⁣⁣
When talented Avrumy Zupnick got the call of young boy Aharon Shaya Mandel (Son of world renown philanthropist R’ Yidel Mandel), he didn’t know what the request is all about, but took the call. The boy just all of a sudden asked him “I want you to make a new song in honor of my Bar Mitzvah coming up!”.⁣⁣
And that’s when Avrumy turned his mode back into composing a song, after leaving this line for a while (Not before he left us with quiet a few good songs on the market such as: ⁣⁣
Kol Hamesameach by Shloime Tausig, Motzee Aseerim by Sruly Werdyger, Achakeh Lo Yevoreich by Yosef Moshe Kahana).⁣⁣
The song beautifully performed by new rising star, vocalist Sruly Altman.⁣⁣
Sruly bought a reputation over the past year or so, as taking weddings to the next level with his unbelievable energetic & high performance.⁣⁣
With being Mesameiach Chusen & Kallah almost every night of the year Sruly now gets us a little taste of his fine voice professionally in the studio by recording this beautiful song.⁣⁣
Song Credits:⁣⁣
Composed by: Avrumy Zupnick ⁣⁣
Sung by: Sruly Altman⁣⁣
Music & Choir by: Avrumi Berko⁣⁣
Child Solo: Ari Cuan⁣⁣
Kids Choir Arranged by: MK Studios⁣⁣
Vocals Recorded at: Musical Cave Studios⁣⁣
Mixed By: Yaniv Balas⁣⁣
Marketing By: MusicOnTime

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