DJ Yossi Newman Feat Mendy J – Eishes Chayil

September 16, 2020 1 min read

Yossi Newman is set to release many of his amazing compositions directly to the fans. Over the next few years, Yossi plans to release only the best in Jewish music with the up to date sounds of today and amazing messages. For these songs, Yossi will team up with some of the top talents in Jewish music, both established stars with whom you are familiar, as well as the next generation of new talent. It’s all part of Yossi’s initiative of introducing top notch productions/sound for teenagers and those who appreciate the sound of today with compositions that have meaning and feeling to Yiddishkeit.

Presenting: The first single from DJ Yossi Newman, this time featuring powerhouse vocalist Mendy J. This new song, Eishes Chayil, was composed and produced by Yossi. However, this isn’t your fathers Eishes Chayil. No, this song has the modern undertone of a 2020 hit one might hear on the radio today. The subtle beat and arrangement is fresh and uncomplicated which really allows Mendy’s vocals shine through, while still keeping the deep feeling of the words.


Composed and produced by: Yossi Newman
Music by: Jack Shore
Recorded at: EG studios
Photography by: Matt Levy
Cover design & lyrical video: Yossi Zweig – Intelligent Noise LLC

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