Dovid Haziza Releases Song “Zchuto” In Honor Of The Baba Sali’s Hilula

After visiting the Baba Sali in 2018, Twenty one year old singer/songwriter Dovid Haziza felt a blast of deep spiritual connection, which he knew he just had to express. “This song is a very special song to me-”, said Haziza . “I had just gone to the Kever, and I was feeling very transcendent. Sitting on the shuttle from Netivot to Beer sheva, this special melody just came to me.”

In October of 2020- amid the difficult times of crisis, Haziza began to develop the idea. Singing “Zchuto”, or “in his merit” to power a new surge of of closeness that all of Klal Yisroel desperately needs.

Haziza collaborated with Alan Azoulay, founder of Sephardic Legacy & co-founder of Ezrat Achim, to produce the project in commemoration of Rabbi Israel Abuchatzeira Hilula (Formally referred to as the Baba Sali). Musically, Haziza looked to his sephardic heritage, working with Israel based producer Dudu Koma. Boasting a vast live arrangement, the record features strings, mandolin, darbuka, ney (Middle eastern wind instrument) amongst others.

Composed by: Dovid Haziza and Shua Kessin
Lyrics by: Yitzchok Hertz
Music Produced by: Dudu Koma
Vocals recorded at: Motti Ganz Studios
Lyric Video Produced by: Motti Berkowitz and Rafi Barides
Graphic and design by: Yechiel Landman
PR & Marketing by: Yossi Zweig & KosherMedia

Special thank you to my dear friend Allen Azouly and the whole team of the Sephardic Legacy Foundation for making everything possible.

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