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אומן ראש השנה – דודי קנאפלער Dudi Knopfler

September 25, 2019 1 min read

R’ Nachman famously said that it’s a big ענין to make a כריז (Announcement) about Uman Rosh Hashanah. The idea is that everybody should be זוכה to Join the tremendous experience of Uman Rosh Hashanah! This year I have the privilege to release this uplifting track אומן ראש השנה !!

A special thanks to Yehuda Green for giving me the opportunity to release this amazing track!

Song concept: Mendy Worch

Song composed & originally sung by Yehuda Green

Music: Moishy Klein

Mix: Ephraim Berkowitz

Song sponsored by Plan it Rite – The “Right” way to travel to Uman Rosh Hashanah and year round! sales@planit-rite.com 845-678-3555 www.flytouman.com

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