EITAN FREILICH | Lo Iyrah – Avidan’s Mission | (Official Music Video)

April 01, 2019 2 min read

Avidan’s Mission was set up in February 2019 to support the funding towards Camp Simcha’s Special Care Baby project. Nathaniel (featured in this music video) and Avidan were little twin boys born to Gabriella & Eitan Freilich at 28 weeks. Following 110 days in hospital Nathaniel came home, a happy, healthy little child ready to bring his goodness to the world. His little brother Avidan unfortunately passed away at just five weeks old. But his mission remained clear – the experience showed his parents how much more can be done to assist families with similar circumstances – a mission which is unfortunately required often for families it affects across the UK.

“Naming a baby is said to include an element of prophecy, which forms the child’s spiritual destiny. Tragically, we were only able to name our baby after his passing, unable to help shape this destiny. Avidan, meaning that ‘Hashem has judged’, reflected our acceptance of his fate and our resolve to have faith.

Whether we experience pure joy or intense sorrow, throughout it all Hashem is with us every step of the way. He asks us to look beyond the pain, and to learn and grow from it – because life is a journey and Hashem has a masterplan.

And as we did this, we started to realize that Avidan did fulfil his destiny in life – he taught us that Hashem is just and therefore ‘Lo Ira’, I will not fear, ‘Ki Hashem Li’, because Hashem is always with me. From the depths of my soul to each and every one of yours, may this song help us to realise that Hashem’s greatness pervades every moment. We may be happy or we may be sad, but our Father is always just.”

Eitan Freilich

1 April 2019

Donate to Avidan’s Mission: www.avidansmission.com 

Produced by: Eitan Freilich, Ian Freitor and Luis Herszaft

Composed by: Yitzy Waldner and Luis Herszaft 

Arranged by: Ian Freitor 

Lyrics by: Miriam Israeli 

Thanks to: Asaf Flumendorf, Amiran Dvir and Michael Rainsbury 


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