En3rgy Unleashed! En3rgetic Dance Set ft. Moshe Tischler!

Enjoy this incredible first dance set with En3rgy ft. Moshe Tischler!
Mazel tov to Yerachmiel and Chana Lavi upon your wedding!
The En3rgy Band was launched and sprung to life in September, 2019, drawing its unprecedented musical energy from the trio of its core dynamic musical leaders: Guitarist Chaim Bokchin; Keyboard Player Shloimy Saltzman & Drummer, Yechiel Bokchin. Individually, the team members have each shared stages with top musical artists. Now, banded together, they are creating the unstoppable force called En3rgy. Judging by the sheer number of their adoring fans, their best days are yet to come —En3rgy is on the fast track to becoming the number one band on the Jewish wedding and events scene.

Sponsored: Wall and Broad Equities

Video: Motty Engel

Thumbnail design: I & Me Media

Live sound: Betzalel Bree

Music production: En3rgy
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