Freedom – Aaron Holder [Moshe Yess Cover] Lyric Video & Audio

Aaron Holder and his unique voice are back. Putting his novelty style and artistic twist on this Moshe Yess classic with music arranged by Grammy award winning guitarist C Lanzbom, featuring top musicians from the New York area. In the midst of these perilous times it’s highly apropos that the song ‘Freedom’, written by Moshe Yess, is experiencing a rebirth through Aaron Holder’s uplifting rendition. The energy and expression that Aaron is known for lends a contemporary sound in a message for all times: longing for Mashiach. The world has been trembling. We’ve recently experienced earthquakes, fires and now a pandemic that brings uncertainty about the future. As we undergo days of chaos and darkness we also look toward the future. As the holiday of Pesach is upon us, we await the Seder night where we will open the doors for Eliyahu Hanavi. We pray more than ever that on our threshold we’ll find Freedom in the final redemption. ‘Freedom’ is a song that inspires hope. It encourages the listener to find redemption within and help break limitations both personally and globally. While many struggle to find light and inspiration in their current lives, we look ahead to days when Torah and connection will be our passion. We hope that Freedom ignites the spark of faith that burns steadily within us all as it has throughout the ages.

Music Produced by: C Lanzbom & Zach Szydlo @ “Sherwood Ridge ” Pomona NY

Drums: Ben Antelis

Bass: Dave Richards

Guitars: C Lanzbom

Organ: Joel Diamond

Pedal Steel: Ryan Hommel

Background Vocals: Milton Vann

Marketing, Lyric Video & Album Artwork: I & Me Media

Photo Credits: Lea Wab Photography

Video Recorded by: Aaron Holder

——— “We had the honor of recording this song ” I can See Freedom” With Aaron Holder. The creative freedom to bring this song to life was a beautiful experience. I hope that in the same way that we had this freedom to express ourselves through this song that it will be an inspiration and have a positive effect on the listener. Music can be wonderful and healing. At this time when the world needs healing more than ever we hope this song will open our hearts to feel the deepened connection between each of us, and may we all be able to see the good things coming our way.” – C Lanzbom 

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