Gesher Tzar – Beri Weber – The Official Music Video

The song that has been etched in the hearts of Beri Weber’s fans worldwide, since Beri’s album One Heart was released.

Fear can be your worst enemy. It can paralyze you to the point that it doesn’t let you think; it doesn’t let you move forward. A young boy is trying to paint the beautiful scenery he sees spread out before him. He works meticulously, with such care, but the results are way below his expectations. In his frustration, he breaks the painting in half and is about to give up. But in his head, he hears Berri Weber telling him לא לפחד כלל, not to be afraid. Not to let the fear take control. He tries again, and this time, he produces a masterpiece. Like the young boy, we all face different fears that hamper us. The trick is not to get rid of the fear, or to deny that it exists. You can’t control fear happening to you, but you can control what fear does to you. Instead of giving in to it, visualize your happy place, the person, or dream that inspires you and let it pull you out of the morass of fear and hopelessness. Let hope surround and envelop you, and free you from the shackles of despair, so you can soar.


Song composed written & arranged by: YITZY BERRY

Video produced, written & directed by: MUDEO productions

Filmed & edited by: Yissy Freeman of PERFECT ANGLE° PRODUCTIONS

Music video writeup by: Chaya Eigner

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