Hashkifa – Azarya and Luzy Klatzko – Tu BiShvat – Composed by Benzion Klatzko

How blessed are we to have the most beautiful land on Earth, the land that Hashem watches from the beginning of the year until the end!
Eretz Yisrael is blessed through the Jewish people. When the people are exiled, the land dries up. However, when we return, when we bless it with learning Torah and keeping the Mitzvos, especially the special mitzvos that can only be kept in Israel, Hashem rewards us by allowing bracha to burst forth from the soil. Israel literally becomes a land of flowing milk and honey. May we always be deserving of such bracha!

Performed by Azarya Klatzko, Luzy Klatzko
Composed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko
Arranged by Yisroel Ament
Video Shot by Motty Berkowitz – MBStudios
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