Hillel Meir With An Exciting New Song “Achake Lo – So Long”

March 15, 2021 1 min read

Singer Hillel Y. Meir was born in Israel and after a brief time in the US, returned to the land of his birth. Since 2017, Hillelhas become a popular wedding singer throughout Israel; in particular within the Anglo-Israeli Chareidi community. His international performances that gained him popularity abroad were put on hold due to corona.

In addition to his first two singles Tzadik Katamar and Ashrei Ha’Am, Hillel released a unique video featuring a medley of seven songs in which he hosts many other talented Israeli artists.

Hillel’s newest single titled “Achakeh Lo – So Long” is a song about Moshiach and our constant waiting for him to arrive. When asked about the style and genre of this new song, Hillel replied, “I grew up listening to the music of Abie Rothenberg, and vintage MBD English. They were always my favorite. I feel like people are influenced from those songs on a very deep and personal level, and I want to be able to give my audience that same feeling and connection.”

The song was arranged & produced by David Ichlevich and composed by Yonah Naiman. The theme of the song is our never ending yearning for Moshiach. The music video accompanying the debut features Hillel traveling through time; our past and our present enmeshed together in our longing for Moshiach.

To book Hillel Meir please call: +972 58 324 0152

Music arranged & produced by: David Ichlevich
Piano & synth: David Ichlevich
Drums: Amir Ahorn
Bass: Avi Yifrach
Guitars: Ariel Ahron
Cello: Yoad Nir
Kanon: Amir Alayev

Video by – Ephrayim Dinner (dinnerproductions.net)

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