It’s Finally Here! The First Taste of R’ Shimshon Neiman’s Debut Album – Nechuma!

After composing the the huge hit “Neshuma Vi Bistee…” which turned out to a phenomenal success, and is still being enjoyed by thousands of Jews all over the world, R’ Shimshon Neiman launches his first debut album – Nechuma, with ten of his most amazing & inspiring compositions, arranged by Naftali Schnitzler and featuring some of the most talented, Chassidishe guest stars.
The production includes, the “Malchus”, “Shira” and “Shevach” choirs, Shlomo Gertner, Aherele Samet, Dovy Meisels, Yoeli Klein, famous musician Meir Adler, and more.
We’re excited to present to you a short taste of what’s to come: The title song “Nehchuma” – A unique composition by R’ Shimshon Neiman, sung by R’ Shimshon and Shloime Gertner, accompanied by Malchus Choir from Eretz yisroel. 
The album is finally here, hitting the shelves in stores everywhere! The album will also be available for download on all platforms, including NigunMusic, MostlyMusic, iTunes.

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