Lenny Solomon Carpool Karaoke

May 18, 2020 1 min read

Join Radio host, MC and music maven Yossi Zweig as he drives around with superstar Lenny Solomon, the man behind Shlock Rock and many more original songs discussing his 40+ year career in Jewish music. Follow them as they go down memory lane with some classic hits from Shlock Rock, Lenny‘s original songs, and some great history about how Shlock Rock and some of their mega hits were written.

Filmed by: Z Entertainment
Edited by: GV Studios
Sponsored by: Gershon Veroba’s G Major Events & Music
GMajorEvents.com – 516-400-9763 – @gmajorevents

For more about Shlock Rock and to purchase their music visit: www.shlockrock.com

For more about the 4 Corners Project and Jewish education visit. www.4cornersproject.org

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