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MOISH – Fire In My Veins (Lyric Video)

August 15, 2019 1 min read

Here is the lyric video for my newest release, ‘Fire In My Veins‘. This song is a Pop/EDM track with a heartfelt message speaking of self-discovery. As Yidden it is our duty to find the way we can best express our hakaros hatoiv to Hashem, which means we must have a proper appreciation of who we are and our own gadlus haadam. This song is about tapping into that journey.

This song is original and I own all the rights to the content.

FREE DOWNLOAD: https://www.toneden.io/moish/post/moish-fire-in-my-veins-lyric-video

Produced by: Mo Ackerman

Writing by: Grant Dawson and Mo Ackerman

Mixed and Mastered by: Seth Munson

Backing Vocals by: Clay Agnew

Guitars by: Grant Dawson

Reamping by: David Fuller

Recorded at: Gold Records

Album Art by: Mo Ackerman

Logo Design/Branding by: Grayson Gibson

Lyric Video by: Anthony Tsigonias

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