Mordechai Shapiro – Kol HaDerech

October 05, 2016 2 min read


Every once in a while, I come across an album that I truly enjoy, where I don’t skip from song to song to find the ones I actually appreciate listening to.  Mordechai Shapiro’s Kol HaDerech is that album.  The songs are fun and spirited, yet beautiful and full of emotion at the same time.  The music on this album is incredible, and the piano work stands out to me as particularly unbelievable.  And that voice…  While I truly appreciate each song, I’ll highlight just a few of my favorites.

KOL HADERECH – The first time I heard this song on Jroot radio, I knew I had to track down its origins.  The rhyming pattern of the chorus stood out to me as particularly striking, and while it took me a few tries to actually get the lyrics down pat, it’s a really enjoyable song to sing.

SCHAR MITZVAH –I actually saw the music video before I was able to track down the album, and it really intrigued me.  This is probably one of the most fun songs out there, with a beat that is funky and distinctive.  When I heard my sister singing her camp song to the tune of Schar Mitzvah, I knew that I wasn’t the only one who thought this song was a winner – apparently it had taken off over the summer, and has become a front-runner everywhere, from camps to my morning carpools.

KI MALACHOV –The high part of this song really struck me as beautiful, and the emotion with which Shapiro sings truly enhances the impassioned plea for Hashem’s constant shemira.

IVDU – What a fun song that engenders true simcha!  Each time he sings “Ivdu,” Shapiro adds another variation, which makes it exciting to sing along and keep up with his twists and turns.

LO ALECHA – This song is Shapiro’s own composition, and the personal touch adds to the inspiration of the song.  The coupling together of “Lo Alecha” and “Kol HaOlam” make for a thought-provoking listen.

As I listen to this album over and over (and over!) again, it’s a pleasure to hear how much fun Shapiro seems to have had in his recording.  His passion and emotion for the lyrics are evident, and if you’re looking to feel inspired and passionate in your singing, this album is it.  To Mrs. Shapiro, my seventh grade teacher – wishing you much nachas from your truly talented son!

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