New Lag Baomer Video From Lenny Friedman

New Lag Baomer Video From Lenny Friedman

Enjoy This new Lag Baomer Video from Lenny Friedman! Attached is the Audio as well! 

Enjoy the third installment in a Holiday Series. Following Maoz Tzur for Chanukah and Vehi Sheomdo for Pesach we now present Vamartem for Lag B’omer. Lenny Friedman donned a Fez and Mideastern Kaftan and jumped on Percussive Instruments playing the Djembe with Two distinct rhythms, Tambourine, Shaker and Hand Claps to enhance the Multi Track Trumpet sounds. Hillel Kapnick Produced this project @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY) and brought it all to life. Enjoy! Bet ya can’t wait for the next Holiday-we got something Great coming up!

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