Rabbi Ruvi New – It’s You!

September 13, 2020 2 min read

Like a kaleidoscope’s endlessly shifting shapes and colors that continually takes on new forms, the ripple waves of the ongoing pandemic continue to emerge, offering fresh perspectives on life as described in It’s You, an all new song by Chabad of East Boca Raton’s Rabbi Ruvi New. Seen through the eyes of a driven businessman who undergoes an awakening as COVID-19 has him reevaluating his priorities, It’s You is a refreshing reminder that Hashem runs the world and it is our homes and our families that matter most.

Having seen a significant surge in attendance in his online classes over the past few months, Rabbi New believes strongly that the pandemic has been both a humbling and enlightening experience, and one that has inspired people to look beyond the mundane and seek out deeper layers of existence.

“You can’t come out of an experience like the pandemic unchanged,” said Rabbi New. “My goal is to uplift and inspire and instill a strong sense that a new year means a new take on life. There has been a tremendous awakening in the wake of this pandemic and this song seeks to channel that energy through joy, positive perspective and messaging.”

With music composed by Yitzy Waldner, one of today’s hottest and most prolific Jewish composers, and lyrics by Rabbi NewIt’s You offers a healthy dose of optimism for the upcoming year, with 5781 ushering in a new beginning, new energy and a new point of view. Upbeat and catchy, It’s You was arranged in Israel by Yitzy Berry and Eli Klein, with the music video produced by Asher Essebag.

“The pandemic shattered a lot of our illusions about control and self-determination and created an opportunity for all of us to embrace the reality that everything comes from Hashem,” explained Rabbi New. “We have all gone through something dramatic and having seen the way the virus spread so quickly from person to person was a potent lesson on the interconnectedness of humanity, which has even greater meaning on the spiritual level. Let us maximize the potential of 5781 which heralds the rise of a new dawn, one that brings with it the promise of change and a new light into the world, the likes of which has never been seen.”

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