Reb Shloime Taussig Noch Abissl

August 27, 2019 1 min read

With The Three Weeks Over And The Musical Floodgates Finally Open, Chassidic Singer And Rebbe Reb Shloime Taussig Releases A New Rhythmic Dingle Titled “Noch Abissl.” The song Talks About The Hope And Belief That even Out Of The Difficult Galus Should Be Sung And Rejoiced And Soon It Will Be Redeemed.

This Is The First Collaboration Between Taussig And Renowned Composer Hershey Weinberger (Who Is Responsible For A Number Of Hits Including “Davenen”, “Mach a Bracha”, And Many More). This New Song Was Produced And Arranged By Music Producer Naftali Schnitzler.

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