Reuven Garber – Hinei

Dedicated in thanks to Hashem for the recovery and miracle story of our dearest Na’ama Glassman (Na’ama Rachel Bat Aviva). Thank you Hashem!


As shown through the miracle story of Na’ama and as expressed by the meaning of the holy words to this song (traditionally sung immediately after Shabbat at Havdallah), there is never reason to despair, even at the most difficult of times. We trust in Hashem who can send our salvation at any given moment. Never give up!⁣



הנה קל ישועתי אבטח ולא אפחד⁣

כי עזי וזמרת קה ה’ ויהי לי לישועה⁣

ושאבתם מים בששון ממעיני הישועה⁣

לה’ הישועה על עמך ברכתך סלה⁣


הנה! הנה! הנה!⁣


Walking through the night⁣

Just don’t have the fight⁣

Holding to my heart⁣

With you at my side⁣

I’m gonna make it…⁣



Artist: Reuven Garber⁣

Composition Arrangement & Production: Jared Lazarus (⁣

Post Production Mixing and Mastering: Crighton Goodwill (⁣

Lyrics: Jared Lazarus and Reuven Garber⁣

Video: Freeman Productions (⁣

Concert Host: Dirshu Siyum⁣

Cover Design and Artwork: Mati Shriki (⁣

Photography for Cover Design: Jason Crouse Photography⁣

PR Management: Tomer Cohen (⁣

Marketing: Sruly Meyer (⁣

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