Review: Lev Tahor V

June 07, 2017 2 min read

Listening to this album almost seems like a blast from the past, with the familiar sounds of the Lev Tahor

trio filling the air. The voices we know and love from the previous Lev Tahor albums are back, and Lev

Tahor 5 did not disappoint. From the beautiful melodies to the elaborate harmonies, the overall

“hartz’dik” vibe of this album makes it a truly heartwarming listen.

HALLELU is a great opening track – the beat is funky, and it’s easy and fun to sing along with. Am I the

only one who keeps envisioning this song as part of an AKA Pella medley down the line?

GAM ZU LETOVA speaks to the challenges in life, encouraging a positive outlook throughout the rough

moments – “All you gotta do is say, Gam Zu Letovah…” While this song starts out slowly, the tempo

quickens as the track progresses, lending a message of encouragement and reassurance through life’s

difficult encounters.

Can we fastforward to SIMCHAS BEIS HA’SHOEVA for a moment please? As noted so aptly on Mostly

Music’s website, this track “will knock your socks off.” The intro really sets the scene of anticipation and

excitement for the days of Moshiach, inviting listeners to join the Simchas Beis Hasho’eva in the Azarah

of the Beis Hamikdash. From start to finish, this song has Lipa Shmeltzer’s handprints all over it, and it’s

just super fun and uniquely different.

YAGAPELLA is an acapella beauty, a real pleasure to listen to. The messages inherent in each of the

English songs – from MR. TANNER to DON’T STOP GIVING – are truly inspiring, and with their personal

classic touch, Lev Tahor has assembled an album that speaks straight from the heart and soul.

Thank you for this incredible compilation; looking forward to Lev Tahor VI! For now, you can find me

listening to this album on repeat…



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