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רולי דיקמן – גדול השלום | Ruli Dikman – Great Is The Peace

November 15, 2018 1 min read

In the days when the Jewish people expect and hope for unity, singer Ruli Dikman releases a new single – ‘The Greatest Peace’.

The words were taken from the regular page of Moshe Valder, which appears weekly in the newspaper B’Kehila.

Moshe Walder: “In these days, when it seems that the rabbi who separates and divides the unifying and uniting face, we must remember the peace attribute derived from a whole root, and when we are united we actually close the circle and become one whole powerful unit.

Composed: Ozer Druck and Ruli Dikman Lyrics: Moshe Walder Musical Arrangement and Production: Eli Klein and yitzi Berry

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