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Ruli Ezrachi With A New Single “Mayim Rabim”

August 20, 2020 2 min read

Good news comes from New York: Ruli Ezrachi, composer and multi-talented music producer, who has been writing songs for years for everyone in the industry and whose songs are considered anthems in the world of chassidic music, finally moves to the forefront and returns to perform his own songs.

Ruli Ezrachi, an Israeli who has lived in the US for a decade and a half, to the excitement of his fans in Israel, wrote and composed this new single “Mayim Rabim” with a message that reminds us all of our desire for water as representation of life. “One day I felt the meaning of the words, and I very much connected to the idea behind it. Water is our desire to live, our love for life is beyond what is out there. In the Jewish world there is greater value and a real desire for life.” And how does one stand firm against power? ” The mechanism in his heart that chooses the lyrics and produces the song.

“My song was written with the goal of inspiring hope in people who go through a lot of turbulence (water), with many difficulties, trials and tribulations and remain steadfast.”

Mayim Rabim” was written, arranged, composed and produced by Ruli himself and recorded in HIS studio, which frequently hosts all of the major names in chassidic music in the Big Apple. The motifs in the single, like the timing – blend into each other perfectly. The exciting and lush melody, and jazz that opens the song with energy that lifts the spirits: “Elul is a time for self-reflection and self-observation, I sing to us that we will not forget to acknowledge the love for others and for ourselves that burns in us, despite the floods that constantly bother us daily.”

With chodesh Elul upon us, let us pray for a new and happier year. Ruli asks that we take it upon ourselves in the run-up to the new year, not forget to what happened in the past, but move on to bigger and better things and days where every thing will be great.