Second single from The Shlager Project « Vechozakto » by DEDI!

May 22, 2017 1 min read


Produced and Composed by Levik Touboul & Moshe Laufer
Arranged by Moshe Laufer
Choirs by Zemiros Group
Children Choir by Shir V’Shevach by Chaim Fligman
Add. Vocals by Yoely Dikman
Mixed by Eli (Ilya) Lishinsky

Drums: Barak Aharon and Ran Vered
Bass: Arye Bercovitz
Piano: Yaron Gottfried
Synthesizer: Eli Laufer
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Trumpets: Rafi Davidov, Gindi Litvak
Trombone: Shachar Livne
Woodwind: Peter Wertheimer
Percussion: Gadi Seri

Dedi picture and Israel video footage by:
Israel Bardugo – Israel On Air

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