Sheves Chaverim 2

November 24, 2016 2 min read


There is something about a boys’ choir that melts my heart.  As a mother of boys, I have to appreciate the outlet that such a venue offers for young yeshiva boys, a healthy forum for kids to showcase their talent in a kosher way.  Ari Goldwag’s Sheves Achim and Sheves Chaverim series was plenty enjoyable, and this sequel, Sheves Chaverim 2, did not disappoint.

SHIR U’SHVACHA – I typically hear songs on JRoot radio first, and choose the albums I want based on the songs that catch me.  Shir U’shvacha was definitely one of those songs that grabbed me, and I was glad to trace it back to this album.   Perfect intro to a fun album; great lyrics to and a funky beat to get you moving!

LO LEFACHED – These lyrics have popped up on a few albums recently, but they continue to inspire me each time, so the repetition doesn’t bother me.  I love the idea that such young children can sing such powerful words with such fervor, inspiring me to think about the values of life, without their necessarily recognizing the emotions and thoughtfulness they are inspiring.

ME’EIN – This song is both catchy and fun, the perfect song for Shabbosim in camp.  I would love to see this one on an acapella album – I can already hear the beatboxing and drumming in the background…

BORCHU – Very Ari Goldwag-esque, this song is fun while batam’te.  The golden voices of each child really shine through, and I find this song to be an enjoyable listen.

Kudos to Mr. Goldwag for yet another great album, with sing-able songs and talented arrangements.  Looking forward to a Sheves Chaverim 3 in the near future!

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