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Shloime Kaufman returns with a new acapella cover: Yaakov Shwekey’s “Perfect World”

Shloime Kaufman returns with a new acapella single; Yaakov Shwekey’s “Perfect World“. Composed by Yitzy Waldner and lyrics by Miriam Israeli. This song portrays the vision we all have to see a world of peace and tranquility. During the days of Sefira we work on developing and strengthening our relationships between HASHEM and each other to ultimately bring the Geula and be part of restoring a PERFECT WORLD.  
Arranged and Recorded by: Mordy Weinstein/Craig Resmovits for MaxMord Productions Edited, Mix and Mastered by: Jeff Eames of Eames Audio 
Design and PR by: Yossi Zweig 

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