Shloime Kaufman – Yehiyu Leratzon Acapella

April 20, 2021 1 min read

Shloime Kaufman is back with another acapella hit!! “Yehi L’ratzon”, originally released by Nachas, was composed by Shloime himself. The moving lyrics were written by his talented cousin, Zevi Kaufman.

We daven each and every day for our needs, those of our family and our brethren worldwide. Yet sometimes, the right words elude us. Therefore, at the end our Tefilos, we say: “Yehiyu L’ratzon imrei fi, v’hagyon libi l’fonecho”. We beseech Hashem to listen to our words of prayer, as well as, our deepest thoughts that we might have difficulty expressing.
May it be the will of Hashem Yisborah to not only listen to our words and the feelings in our hearts, but answer our tefilos by bringing the ultimate redemption now!

Composed by: Shloime Kaufman
Lyrics by: Zevi Kaufman
Arranged and Mixed by: Nick Girard
Vocals Recorded by: Jason Goldglancz/Gold Records
Originally recorded by: Nachas
Cover Design/PR by: Yossi Zweig
Special Thanks:
Mordy Weinstein/MaxMord Productions
Zevi Kaufman
The Kaufman and Bomzer families
R’ David Simai MD.

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