Shlomo Yakov Weber & Zemiros Group

December 27, 2017 1 min read

Night after night, I bring joy & tears to Chosson & Kallah at their Mitzva Tantz. This time though, it was a Bar Mitzvah I was called upon to perform, and thoroughly enjoyed the event as I sang with the amazing Zemiros Group, accompanied by the talented Yossi Eidlisz.

My father always told me to not only choose certain occasions, but to perform wherever I was asked to and to find excitement and uniqueness in each event.

Enjoy the melodies and harmonies – it was a truly beautiful night!

Sung: Shlomo Yakov Weber
Choir: Zemiros Group
Music: Yossi Eidlisz
Video: Neumann Media

For Booking Please Call 1347 858 1889
PR: MusicOnTime

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