Symphony Chuppah on The Par – Feat. Child Soloist Shulem Saal & The Shira Choir

It is always something special when client chose to have their event in unique venues.The A-Team is proud to share a beautiful moment from one such a event. Enjoy the sweet voice of Shir Vshevach soloist Shulem Saal backed by The Shira Choir at this this exquisite outdoor Chuppah at the beautiful Dyker Beach Golf Course.


Conducted by: Yitzy Schwartz

Arranged by: Avremi G

Choir Arranged by: Yoly Horowitz

Choir Conducted by: Eli Shprei

Mixed by: Yaniv Balas 

Live Mix:  Eli Lishinsky

Israel Concierge: R’ Steve Jobs 

Post Production: Platinum Productions

Marketing: Moe Wassertheil – DatzMoe

Production Manager: Motty Jay 

Video by: Motty Engel – Engel Studios

In collaboration with JJ Fried

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