Uncle Moishy’s World – “Welcome!” [Audio Sampler]

New Year, New Sound! Purchase or download the newest Uncle Moishy’s CD of fresh Jewish songs called “Welcome!” – now! Great for kids and families alike, discover a fresh new sound for Rosh Hashanah from the world’s most popular Jewish kids performer!

With the launch of “Welcome!”, Uncle Moishy reveals a fresh new sound unlike any other CD, a songlist that will keep kids and families listening for years!

Uncle Moishy’s latest Jewish children’s music CD “Welcome” is stocked with brand new Jewish songs along with original melodies created by the best “dream team” in the Jewish music industry – Yossi Green, Malky Giniger and Dina Storch – and produced brilliantly by SONIC DUO. Enjoy and sing along with Mitzvahs such as Honoring our parents, Shabbos, cleaning up, Chesed and if you want, you can even “ Hop to the Music”! “Welcome!” Is the perfect addition to your Rosh Hashana music collection! Order now!

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