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Yaakov Shwekey Releases a New International Album: MUSICA

The Jewish Mega-Star Yaakov Shwekey

Releases a New International Album: MUSICA

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In his tenth album, Shwekey mixes varied musical genres with upbeat hits and soulful songs in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish and Yiddish.

The album was produced by Shwekey in collaboration with the artist Yitzy Waldner and it features prominent musicians in the Israel and international music industry:

Tamir Tzur, Ravid Kashti, Moshe Laufer, Yan Freitor, Daniel Kapler, Aibi Rotenberg, Avrumi Berko, Moshik Tzabary, and the musical director Rafi Greidi.

Yaakov Shwekey:

“I’m thrilled to launch my tenth album with genres, styles and sound like I’ve never done before. The album is based on concepts from every Jew’s daily life – we daven every day on Netzach Yisroel – the everlasting Jewish heritage of numerous generations, “Tfila HaShla” – for the children’s education, “Harey At”- the moving moment every couple experiences under the Huppa on the their wedding day, and of course, “Lev Echad” – about the unity of the Jewish people, regardless of their different languages each one speaks… If you feel we are all ‘one heart’, Geulah is coming soon.”

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