Yaakov Singer – Avarecha Es Hashem

Composer, Singer, Speaker and all around Talmid Chochom Rabbi Yaakov Singer is back with a new song to help us bring some Simcha and joy into our lives.

This new upbeat and cheerful song was created in a moment of great joy. Rabbi Singer says “I was thinking to myself, is there really any adequate way for me to thank Hashem? It’s impossible. He is constantly giving us what we need, his kindness is endless, how do I ever catch up and pay back? I am always indebted, will there ever be enough thanks for us to express to him?” So he started to sing. His Neshomo proclaimed, Avarcha Es Hashem Bechol Eis. We are ALL required to constantly bless and thank Hashem for all he does for us, so we need to Avarcha Es Hashem Bechol Eis (bless Hashem with everything we have consistently).

Once the song inspired his appreciation for all Hashem does, Reb Yaakov contacted Hillel Kapnick to produce the track with him and make it readily available for the world to enjoy.

Rabbi Yaakov Singer is no stranger to Jewish music. As a young boy he participated in the first Pirchei Choir album conducted by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum A”H. While growing up he was always involved in music, inspired by the cantorial greats of yesteryear, attending their cantorial services, serving as an accomplished Baal Tefilla, singing at simchos, while also composing his own niggunim and Nusach Hatfilah compositions.

To listen to Rabbi Yaakov Singer’s music or download them FREE please visit his Soundcloud page:

Rabbi Yaakov’s songs are also available for digital download on: iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play Music and Spotify.

To reach Rabbi Yaakov Singer for comments or questions please email:

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