Yehuda Freundlich With An Exciting New Single “Lehodos”

Singer Yehuda Freundlich who released his debut single Yesh Hakol – Got It All last year to much acclaim, has been B”H busy at simchas and on zoom. It wasn’t long before people started to approach him asking when the next song was going to drop.

The wait is over. Presenting Yehuda’s latest hit “Lehodos” composed by the talented composer and hit maker Mordechai Brezel (Ribono,Tefila Sheli, Modeh Ani, One In A Million). Mordechai was walking to shul one Shabbos when these words of praise to Hashem were running though his mind. Thephrasing worked so well and the melody fit them like a glove. Praise to Hashem should be a pumping dance song, and that’s exactly what you have. Yehuda contacted famed producer and arranger Doni Gross to help take the song to the next level. Let’s finish off the summer on a high note and go into Elul with praise and shira for an amazing new year full of Simcha.

Composed by: Mordechai Brezel
Produced, Arranged, Mixed & Mastered by: Doni Gross
Recorded at: DEG Studios
PR: Yossi Zweig

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