Yissachar Dror – Ma Tovu

Song Dedication: It gives me great pleasure and a zechus to dedicate my very first song, to my Holy Rebbe, the great Tzaddik Reb Shaya’le Ben Reb Moshe Of Kerestir.

Music Credits

Song Composed & Produced by Yitzy Waldner

Music Produced & arranged by Ian Freitor

Mixed & Mastered @Play Master Studio

Backing Vocals: Yissachar Dror

Vocals Recorded @STUDIO6 Lakewood N.J.


PR Marketing USA: Sruly Meyer

PR Marketing Israel: Izeek Daniel

Graphics Design By Dafna Nojowitz – Acadia Design

Portraiture By Rachel Mishanieh

New Media: Boruch Nojowitz & Yehuda Neuman

Special Thanks Rabbi Bentzion Kaye Rabbi David Ashear Chase Kaplan @kaplanStudios & Rafi Graydi The Dror, Madar, Kaye, Hillel, Avram, Nojowitz, Haber, Shwekey, Shoner, Rosenboum and Adelman Families.


מה טבו אהליך יעקב משכנתיך ישראל ואני ברב חסדך אבוא ביתך אשתחוה אל היכל קדשך ביראתך

How goodly are your tents, O Yaakov, your dwelling places, O Israel. As for me, through Your abundant kindness I will enter Your House I will prostrate myself toward Your Holy Sanctuary in awe of You

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