Yossi Green Presents – The Gift – Rabbi Ruvi New

On the heels of the success of his debut album – Storm the World that rose to #7 in the world on the iTunes World Music charts, Boca Raton Shliach, Rabbi Ruvi New has teamed up with the Jewish music world’s most celebrated composer Yossi Green, to release a new single: “The Gift” in honor of  the Rebbe’s Birthday – Yud Aleph Nissan. On Yud Aleph Nissan it was tribe the of Asher who made the inaugural gifts to the Mishkan, of whom the Torah says: “and he⁣

will give gifts to the King.” “והוא יתן מעדני מלך”.  ⁣

One year, after doing some work in the Rebbe’s home just prior to the Pesach Holiday,⁣
a handyman, who was a Stoliner Chassid, asked the Rebbe  if he could answer a question he had on the Nishmas prayer , featured in the Haggadah. ⁣

The prayer begins with expressing our inability to adequately praise Hashem – “even if our⁣ mouth were filled with song as the sea… we⁣ would still be unable to thank You…”.⁣ 
“אילו פינו מלא שירה כים…אין אנו מספיקים להודות..”⁣

Yet a few lines later after having just⁣  expressed our incapacity to praise Hashem,⁣ we say: “Therefore the limbs You have arranged⁣ within us…shall thank, bless praise and glorify…”⁣ 
“על כן אברים שפלגת בנו….הן הם יודו ויברכו…”⁣

How did we suddenly discover the⁣ previously elusive ability to praise Hashem the he asked?⁣

The Rebbe answered the question with⁣ the parable that makes up this song.⁣

In light of the current unprecedented global phenomenon, the songs’ message of gratitude to G-d for every breath, is particularly poignant.⁣

We dedicate this song to the complete and speedy recovery of all who need it, and the realization of Rebbe’s calling to our generation to bring the Shechina back into our world. ⁣

תאבתי לישועתך ה׳….כי מצותיך לא שכחתי. Hashem, I yearn for Your salvation….because I did not forget Your commandments. ( Tehillim 119)  

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