Zalmy Schreiber Yearning Niggun (Shabbos and Yom Tov)

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Singer and pianist Zalmy Schreiber has produced a vibrant and soothing rendition of the Niggun Gagguim (Yearning) L’Shabbos V’Yom Tov. The Niggun is sung in many Shuls around the world after Yedid Nefesh on Friday evenings. ⁣

As described in Chabad’s Sefer HaNiggunim, the Niggun has three distinct parts, each section capturing a different facet of introspective expression and intense longing for heightened spiritual elevation. ⁣

This is a Niggun rich with complexities – balancing the yearning to continuously improve, while simultaneously remaining grounded in the joy of the moment.  As a reflection of his love for the inherent holiness of the Niggun, Zalmy has remained true to the original melody while creating a new musical arrangement to further enhance the listener’s experience.⁣

May Hashem bless us all with the tools and courage to embrace our aspirational yearnings while recognizing and celebrating our honest successes. ⁣

Follow Zalmy on Instagram @Zalmyschreiber and get his number there for bookings. ⁣

Music: Zalmy Schreiber ⁣
Vocal recording: Havayah Records Studio⁣
Mixing: Ian Freiter – Playmaster Studios ⁣
Photography: Levi Teitelbaum @Ellteephoto⁣
Graphic Design: Sarah Leibowitz  ⁣
Marketing: Sruly Meyer ⁣
Life: Hashem

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