Yaakov Shwekey – I Can Be [Official Music Video]

July 06, 2015 1 min read 4 Comments


About the Song:

Almost twenty years ago my wife Jenine and her best friend started The Special Children’s Center from a one-room apartment. Back then they were just teenagers with a dream to change the world, one child at a time. They felt a tremendous need for special children to have a place to flourish, to receive the care and attention they need, and to wrap it up in happiness. With the help of so many believers, that endeavor grew into a multi faceted Center for more than three hundred special children across three locations. While there is no end to the demand, there is also no end to their determination. While traveling and performing all over the world for the last fifteen years I’ve seen with my own eyes the gift that music can give and the depths it can reach. The power is within every one of us… you can be anything, no matter what challenges you face. That is the magic of love, and the magic of this song. It is for you, the children and staff of the Center, and for you, all children around the world — each of you is precious, you can be anything. This song is for you.

–Yaakov Shwekey

4 Responses

Riki and  Rochel
Riki and Rochel

September 16, 2015

As always, Yaakov outdid himself. So professional and touching. Keep on producing the most amazing inspiring Jewish music. Jenine you are doing a fabulous job. We are sure proud to belong to the very special nation. Mi keamcha yisrael.


September 09, 2015

beautiful!! so stirring and inspiring!! I cried my way through it – and then went back and watched it again!!


August 20, 2015

This song is the shpitz I was depressed like a psycho for 14 years and was in the dark crying by myself just waiting for those last moments to come…when in the distance I heard this song and now I’m a dancing and smiling with friends all day long!


July 20, 2015

I love this song cant stop listening im obsessed with the song and video!! gr8 job Yaakov!!!

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