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Yoni Z - UP! [Official Music Video]

June 18, 2018 2 min read

Three weeks after his fourth single, "UP!" off his upcoming debut album was released, Yoni releases another state of the art music video, and this time, he wanted it to be especially for children.

“When we began envisioning the video for "UP!" children, outer space and lots of innocent imagination resonated deeply and I began scripting."

Yoni admits that typically, he enjoys creating content that remains true to the art no matter the subject matter as he expressed in "Odeh," "Ma Naaseh," and other projects. But when he decided to create a kid-friendly music video, it, too, had to be stellar. "It's Pixar or nothing," Yoni jokes. "My brother, Yossi, who has a background in film as a graduate of NYFA (New York Film Academy), took on the challenge of producing this video. As I wrote the outline, he began intense research of animation and teamed up with an animation studio to create the final product."

Aside from the art and animation, Z always tries to bring meaning into his work. In the story, we see from the very beginning how the children are chasing a light in the sky, but it seems to evade them every time they seem to come close to it. Eventually, when they all come together for their friend in need, a bright light beams from within each of them, teaching that the light we often seek and chase in life is actually within ourselves. We just have to look within and find it.

When we asked the video producer, Yossi Z, how it felt getting back into the film scene, he laughs: "It took four months of daily work and a team of fifteen people to create, so I just hope people of all ages will enjoy it."

This is the final single off of Yoni's album. The next move will be the release of the fourteen track debut album, with G-D's help, at the end of the summer. The album is produced by Jewish music producer, Yanky Katina.