In Stores Now: Roth & Green – Emes Veyatziv

The brand new Roth & Green – Emes Veyatziv is in stores everywhere. Below is the opening letter from Yossi Green talking about the album and Avremi Roth.

Dear Listener,

It is with limitless Siyatoh Dishmayoh and great excitement that I bring to you
this new production of Avremi Roth – Emes Veyatziv. Avremi is blessed with one of the most unique voices and sweetest personalities I have ever had occasion to work with. I can only describe his voice as a most comforting, soothing, Jewish Baritone/Tenor full of joy, heart and soul!

I connected with Avremi first last summer when I was invited to attend a Shabbos at a beautiful hotel in Be’er Sheva, Israel. This Shabbos had been arranged for by a group of people who had advertised a “Shabbat Yossi Green” and brought Avremi and his choir to lead the Tefillos and the Zemiros. At the time I didn’t comprehend what this whole Shabbos thing meant but I was intrigued and when I arrived I was given to understand that this Shabbos was wholly designed around the songs I have been fortunate to write over the years. Families arrived from all over Israel for the weekend as Avremi and the choir Davened all the Tefilos of Shabbos, sang all the Zemiros at the meals using material from my songbook. What I felt personally from the first words of Lechu Neranenoh is not the issue here. But what I can say is how gratifying it was to watch and hear as Jewish people from all walks of Jewish Life sang along with every piece. It was indeed one of the special moments one experiences in life. Listening to a new and nearly flawless voice all Shabbos and never tiring… just wanting to hear more, more… never enough… was something I won’t ever forget.

After that Shabbos, having tremendous gratitude and appreciation to Avremi, I sat down at the piano and determined to give him a gift by writing him his own Moshe V’Aaharon from Kabbolas Shabbos in a style I have been working on lately which I refer to as a combination Nusach/Song. After seeing the sparkle in his eye as I played it for him, I determined that I must share this voice, this person with listeners everywhere. From there it was but a short step to the decision to do an entire album of new songs for him. We contacted the wonderfully talented, always refreshing, constantly improving Shua Fried, a young man who is becoming a more amazing musical arranger every moment, even as I write these words, and he graciously agreed to join us in this project.

Well, here we are… Sit back, close your eyes, experience a unique gift of Hashem to us, temporarily forget the challenges of your life and walk with me together into the world of Avremi… Trust me, it’s a great place to be! Think about the beautiful Jewish lyrics… Try and find the mystery, the depth of the Jewish message I saw in lyrics which prompted me to share it in song… and remember that all of our music, in my opinion, has to take us somewhere better, somewhat closer, at least for a short while… and who better to take us there than my sweet gentle friend, Avremi Roth!

Yossi Green

The album is distributed by nch distributors 917-960-5410

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