Presenting “Tzahali” A Single By David Block & Marc Zeffren

As Shabbos Nachamu approaches and we enter the 7 Weeks of Consolation (shiva d’nichemta), we hope this song helps bring personal and national comfort.

Composed by David Block with Marc Zeffren
Arrangement, mix, and music by Aryeh Kunstler

The song is dedicated in the memory of David Block’s grandfather, Dr. Alvin Schiff, Avraham Yitzcahk b. Yaakov HaLevi, may his neshoma have an aliyah.

The song first came to David Block & Marc Zeffren when they were studying in Yeshiva, attempting express our feelings towards Israel. But the song also has profound meaning both regarding the ultimate rebuilding of the Beis HaMikdash (Temple) and in our relationships with God.

Alone, these verses are beautiful; together, they create an extremely powerful effect. The first part of the song, taken from the words of David HaMelech in Tehilim (Psalms 126:1-2), describes — perhaps in a dreamy, longing way — how we will feel in the future, when the redemption finally arrives. The description is filled with hope and almost surreal anticipation. Then, the words from Yishayahu (Isaiah 12:6) transition us from the future to the present, from narrative to first-person expression. While Dovid describes how we will feel in the future, Yeshayahu tells us what we will say in the moment, and focuses us on the real value of that redemption and return to Israel. “Shout out and sing in joy, you dwellers of Zion, for the Holy One of Israel in great in your midst” — for too long, the hand of God has been hidden and painfully undetectable. How can one have a real relationship with God when He is so hard to see. Finally, with the redemption and the rebuilding of Israel and the Beis Hamikdash, God’s presence will be palpable and unambiguous. “For the Holy One of Israel is great in your midst.”

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Lyrics: Tehilim 126:1-2, Yishayahu 12:6

B’shuv Hashem es shivas Tziyon, hayinu k’cholmim
Az yimalei s’chok pinu, u’lshoneinu rinah

Tzahali varoni yosheves Tziyon
Ki gadol b’kirbech K’dosh Yisrael

When God returns the captives of Zion, we will be like dreamers.
Then, our mouths will be filled with laughter and our tongues with songs of joy.

Shout out and sing in joy, you dwellers of Zion,
For the Holy One of Israel in great in your midst.

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