New Acapella Song “Yisroel” by Moshe Lax featuring Zevi Fried

World renown philanthropist and baal tzedaka/chessed Moshe Lax just composed this really wonderful song for a friend of his who is a big askan in Israel. This friend who happens to be close friends of both Beyamin Natanyahu and Shimon Perez just made Bar Mitzvah in Israel and Moshe wanted to give the family and friends sharing in this simcha something unique. Moshe is not new to the composing. As a matter of fact Lipa took one of his compositions “Zechor” and put it on his own album. This new song is entitled Yisroel after the bar mitzvah bochur himself. The entire song was produced, arranged and performed by the mega talented Zevi Fried. Being that the simcha was during Sefira the song is acapella.

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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