Six13 – Pesach Shop (2013 Passover Jam)

Six13 takes us through the musical ages as they sing and rap their way through three tried-and-true Passover rituals: cleaning out chametz, making matzah brei, and… avoiding bread. You might recognize some of the grooves we’ve borrowed. CHAG SAMEACH!

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This song and all Six13 songs are completely a cappella — created with nothing but the human voice.



What, what, what, what..
(Chad gad, chad gad, chad gadya!)

Changing my pots and pans
Gotta have Manischevitz for my prophet
I’ve got haggadahs, looking for the chametz
We’ll be munching matzah

Walk into the house, I’m feelin’ like a big shot
I’m so pumped getting ready for the Pe-sach
Unpacking the dishes just as soon as we de-leaven-ate
People like, “man, that’s a real nice Seder plate”
Cleanin up, sweepin up, chumetz out, matzah in
Checkin’ with a feather and a candle for the leavenin
In just a couple days, gonna have a big feast
Briscuit, liver, lamb, chicken, wine,
and the bread of our affliction (yeast…)
But this matzah’s 99 cents!

Frogs and locusts, pestilence, blood, lice or gnats, no none of that
Drippin’ some wine out for the Pharaoh cuz his junior had to perish
Crossin’ seas, splittin seas, splittin rocks, no trees
In the desert, forty years. We’re cleanin’, leanin’, ready, set, mealin’
Next year in Jerusalem, next year in Jerusalem
Nah, for real, ask El Al, can you fly me to Israel?
Shalom, shalom, my seder lovin’ fellows.
Bread rise? Ain’t nobody got time for that! (Let’s go)

Said Moses to Pharaoh, oh let my people go
So we can sing this song, and eat matzah eight days long


I need a Kosher bite
The seder was on Monday night
And these leftovers don’t smell right
It’s Pesach, come on
I’d love something to eat
Made from unleavened whea
So, let’s turn on that heat
I’m ready for schmaltz
I know that I can’t take no more unleavened dry
I want to see what eggs are for, matzah brei brei brei

It’s the yummy part of bein’ a Jew
Bubbie used to make it and I’ll make it too
Don’t be lazy, get some oil and fry matzah brei brei brei
Don’t really wanna make gebruchts
I just want a little of that soggy stuff
Ain’t no pastry, but it makes me fly, matzah brei brei brei

Jews all over the word, avoid bran
Even if you love grains, love grains
Jews all over the world, no leaven
Be above grains, above grains

Well our ancestors had no time to let their dough rise
‘Cause God took us out of Egypt, to Israel too
And on top of that, He also gave us Torah
And that’s why we sing “dayenu”


Don’t let it rise…

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