Botzer – K’Mo Mischak

February 26, 2013 2 min read

On Erev Purim, Botzerreleased a new single. The song, titled “K’Mo Mischak”, is a new song from a musical project that will soon be released as an album.

Botzer, who is 30 years old, married with 6 children, lives in the ancient city in Tzfat. His deep and inquisitive personality pushed him to ask questions about his identity already at a young age. His personal journey included many leaps and uplifting experiences, including service in a combat unit in the army, living in India with his wife, where he dealt with youth whose Jewish identities had been blurred. In the past decade, his Kiruv efforts have been focused with his family in Israel, India, and China.

Even though he is frum, and maybe even especially because of his frumkeit, Botzer chose to look with a clear but critical eye on his own world, and wanted to remove the different “masks” that he saw. Music, songs, composition, all these were with him constantly, and helped him understand himself and those around him.

K’Mo Mischak is a rock song, in which Botzer is sad about the fake culture, and the lack of any sort of truth or deep meaning in day to day speak and interaction. He is introducing an answer, which implores from Hashem to “Mimkomcha Malkeinu Sofia V’Simloch Aleinu Ki Mechakim Anachnu Lach!”

Joining for this ambitious and exciting project is Gil Cziment, who is one of the top producers in Israel, and Ehud Banai, Evyatar Banai, and Bari Sacharof. Cziment took it upon himself to do the album’s production, and the whole project crystallized and came together with a whole group of talented musicians, including Amit Yitzchak, who is one of the top musicians in the past few years, and they are finishing up nowadays the production on the new album.

Enjoy listening, Happy (Belated) Purim, and may we merit removing all of our masks!

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