Moishe Roth & Shalom Vagshal Join Menachem Toker on Motzai Shabbat Live To Talk About Kumzing 2

This past motzei shabbos, Motzai Shabbat Live with Menachem Toker at Radio Kol Chai featured in the studio the band “HaMenagdim” and a in depth interview with Moishe Roth and Shalom Vagshal about the release of their latest product Kumzing 2. The two were accompanied by public relations manager Tomer Cohen and singer Shloime Cohen.

During the evening, they discussed the entire project, the ideas behind the songs selections and performance, how through Mishpacha Magazine of hundreds of DVD’s of Kumzing in several locations across the country were given out for FREE.

This week was also the tenth week of the composing competition where aspiring composers each week send in their entries and listeners choose the winner.

As usual start of the program was announced melody winner at last week’s program, “Benei Beischo” composed by Levi Raskin, when soon after listening to a very good team of judges, including: Ken Burgess, Yehuda Shukrun, Moishe Roth, Baryo Chakshur and Kobi Sela – new tunes sent During the week which were then arranged by Gilad Potolsky, and expressed their opinions on the quality of the melodies and choice of words …

Click PLAY below to hear the entire program

Click PLAY below to hear the song “Benei Beischo”

Our online friends are invited to vote for your favorite songs too using one of the following three methods:

1. By sending a text message with the words Motzai Shabbat at the beginning of the message and send the assigned number or the name of the song of your choice too 4040. (only in Israel

2. By faxing to 03 616-4477. (Songs can be ranked 1 – 5.)

3. By downloading the form available (here) from the Kol Chai website- Check the box for the song of your choice. Fill in your information and press SEND to be eligible for prizes .

To submit your own song to the contest, email:

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